RIVO Sloe Gin is the first Italian Sloe Gin and made with only Italian sloe berries.
For those who love RIVO, Italy and obviously Gin.


Great stories do not just start in the summer. This story, for example, begins in autumn. In an all-Italian autumn ...

It is in autumn that we hand picked in Italy the wild sloe berries; but we waited for the first frost which cracks the skin of the fruit allowing the aromas to intesify.


After collecting the best berries, we rest them for a few months in our gin giving RIVO Gin its classic flavor and delicate ruby red color.

Year-on-year the harvests may vary much like a good wine, every vintage that we produce has its own wonderfully unique character.

Each bottle is individually labelled.

Each yearly, single harvest produces
a limited number of bottles.

RIVO Sloe Gin is slightly sweet with fruit and almond notes that are balanced and give a round, yet delicate flavor.
RIVO Sloe Gin is versittile at 30% VOL and can be enjoyed neat or mixed in cocktails.