The mountains, the wind, the water.
We distilled the essence of Lake Como
to create a gin worthy of this very special place.

A magical gin from a magical place


For centuries, local women have scoured the mountainside meadows surrounding the lake for herbs and flowers to prepare traditional medicines and remedies.

While some might have considered them witches we see them as pioneers of herbal medicine. 
And it is the theme of magic that inspired our packaging and labeling.

Crisscrossing geometrical lines create abstract representations of the two key elements of Lake Como’s geography: The mountains and the waves.

RIVO Gin: Lake Como’s magic in a bottle

It was an early spring day and we were once again admiring “our” lake – Lago di Como, that is. As it so often does, the lake was showing off its complete splendor: Imposing peaks surrounding deep blue water with small waves glistening in the mellow light of the sun. The breeze tousled our hair as it carried the fresh scent of nature in full bloom. 

Taking it all in, we thought:
There has to be a way to distill this beauty and bottle it forever!
So that's what we did.
We decided right there to create RIVO Gin.